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Tua Tre'nd face and neck toner. Features a unique wand design which delivers an electrical microcurrent to tighten and tone your facial muscles, which in turn will give them a firmer, tauter and more lifted, youthful look. With its massaging action, it also helps to give the skin a plumper look for a dewy, more radiant complexion.

TUA TRE’ND Face is a complete electrostimulation appliance for treating the face and neck. Each area is treated with a specific work program. Simply select the icon on the luminous display screen.

TUA TRE’ND Facefeatures a special patented electrode for positioning on the various facial areas.

The output generates a sinusoid type current at a special frequency designed to provide best results and offer best stimulation comfort on delicate face muscles.

The work programs are completely pre-programmed and already complete with all specific parameters such as stimulation frequency, pulse width, contraction times and recovery times: only the stimulation intensity has to be regulated.

Sinusoidal current for stimulating face muscles.

TUA TRE’ND Face uses a special face applicator consisting of 2 sprung electrodes adjustable in every direction to be able to adapt to every face conformation.

• 1 Tua Tre'nd pod unit
• 1 face treatment wand 
• 1 kit of 6 spare sponges for face electrodes 
• 1 mains adapter with UK plug
• 1 water bottle
• 1 quick start guide
• DVD user manual 
• 4 x rechargeable batteries 


TUA TRE’ND Face features 5 work programs, each with specific frequencies and times for a specific part of the face. The programs can be quickly selected by means of navigation buttons and displayed by clear icons on the luminous display screen.

Acts on the cheek-bone area as far as the area bordering on the ear.
Acts on the cheek, from the corner of the mouth to the jaw.
Acts on the temporal region and the forehead in general.
Acts on the chin and all around the mandibular arch. The same program is also used to stimulate the neck muscles.
Acts on the orbicular region and on the bags under the eyes.

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Maria S.

Over the moon with the results

Just a quick note to let you know how delighted I am with my Tua Tre'nd. I'm coming up to 60 and have been using it for a while now. I am absolutely over the moon with the results.


Friends and family are now telling me how 'good' I'm looking

I have never written to any organisation in this way before, but I just must say a big 'Thank you' for the Tua Trend. I have used it on average 5 to 7 times per week since the end of May. I feel so much more confident. It has really tightened up my facial muscles. I am 59 years old and although I have tried to look after my skin, it was beginning to sag. I looked jowly and tired, when I didn't feel tired. Friends and family are now telling me how 'good' I am looking. It is not a wonder product. I will never look 30 again. But with the Tua Trend, I'm told I look several years younger. I can see the changes and know that I now look less jowly and creased. This is a brilliant product and I could never have thought that I could turn the clock back or really slow it down unless I resorted to surgery or expensive treatments - both I could not do.

D. Morris, 57

The fantastic results just keep coming

I am so delighted with my Tua Tre'nd that I wanted to say 'thank you'. I've been using it 5 times a week for 6 weeks now and the fantastic results just keep coming. I have suffered with puffiness under my eyes for the past 15 years (I am now 57) and all the creams in the world, cold tea bags, ice packs, etc. did nothing to reduce them. However, after only 3 days of using the Tua Tre'nd I saw a remarkable improvement and the puffiness has now totally disappeared under one eye and is only very slight under the other. That for me was a great result but the fact that my whole face is gradually improving is the cherry on the icing as I hadn't realised how my face had obviously aged over the years. I actually met up with some friends last week that I haven't seen for over a year and all 9 of them (male and female) commented on how good I looked. I would strongly recommend the Tua Tre'nd to anyone and can confirm that the initial discomfort with teeth that contain fillings, etc. quickly disappears. I would add that I'm so glad I bought an extra wand - I have no problem finding 15 minutes a day to go through all the exercises but doubt that I would have used it so regularly (even every day some weeks) if I'd had to have found 30 minutes. It's very unusual to buy a product and find that it meets all that it claims to do so - I'm so glad I did! Many thanks to you and all your team.


Thrilled with the results

I was tempted by Tua Trend for about a year but was anxious because of the price (I have worked in the beauty industry so am understandably weary!!) I took the plunge and I have been absolutely thrilled by the results. You have to be commited and use it but it really works!

Rachel S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I previously owned the Tua Viso for a number of years and had great results. After it gave up the ghost I decided to treat myself to this model. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and can already see a difference. The key to results is consistency so will continue to use and expect further improvements.

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