Over the years the muscles of the face shrink and slacken especially at the level of less used muscle fibres. Since many deep muscle layers are closely linked to more superficial ones, which in turn are in direct contact with the skin, even intuitively, it is easy to imagine that changes in any of these elements will have evident effects on the face; sagging effects, that we associate so closely with aging and do not want.

Regular use of Tua Viso results in restored volume and density of the supporting facial muscles – like when you were in your 20’s. Most fundamentally, the ingenious sine wave technology of Tua Viso works at the level of the less-used muscle fibres, strengthening them, shortening their length and plumping them up in volume. This results in toned tightened muscles that lift into the original young position. Under eye bags go, creating smooth lifted under eye areas. Jowls, cheeks and brows lift giving a pert facial contour. The skin consequently, lifts and tightens, giving youthful smooth skin. The face lifts back into the youthful position.

And regular use of Tua Viso stimulates collagen and elastin production because skin metabolism is being facilitated. Wrinkles diminish, even disappear and future wrinkle formation is subsequently prevented. Additionally, Tua Viso increases the oxygenation, nutrition and detoxification of the tissues, so skin texture also improves – becoming more ‘dewy’. And lymph drainage from the face is increased eliminating under eye puffiness. The Tua Viso device can be used from your mid 20’s for prevention of wrinkles sagging and under eye bags.

Tua Viso does not involve messing about with wires, sticky self-adhesive pads or conductive gels/lotions. Nor is there any risk whatsoever of metal-on-skin shocks or jarring. Clinically approved, it gives amazing lift results with just water from your tap and a clean face.

Tua Viso Electrostimulation
The extremely advanced miniaturized electronic circuitry of Tua Viso generates trains of modulated sinusoidal wave pulses which are specific for delicate facial muscles and indicated by a green LED. Thanks to their particular form and frequency, these waves induce precise muscular exercises, in complete comfort even at high intensity and with extremely evident movements.

Tua Viso exploits a high-frequency sinusoidal wave current (7500 Hz), which produces a very valid muscle contraction before any unpleasant sensation is felt. This way, the stimulation is both effective and very pleasant at the same time.

The intensity of the impulse produced is adjustable so either very delicate or very intense contractions can be obtained: such contractions are clearly visible and will guide you during operation. What is more, the contraction rhythm (3-second muscle contractions with equally long intervals) has been studied and fine tuned to ensure that facial muscles are toned up as quickly as possible. Clinical studies show that facial muscle increases in volume after about ten sessions of Tua Viso electrostimulation; each session lasting only a few minutes.

The patented electrodes are fundamentally important, since it via the electrodes that the sine wave impulses reach the skin, and consequently the facial muscles. Tua Viso has special advanced patented VP BOX electrodes. These original and unique spring-loaded domes covered in soft sponge, enable practical positioning on any area of the face and delicate contact with the skin; moreover, their operation with water enables immediate use, as there is no need to use any special conductive gels or lotions. Nor for that matter is there any risk of metal on skin discomfort.

The VP BOX electrodes are self-moistening and also have their own reservoir containing enough water for a complete treatment session; this avoids having to repeatedly wet the sponge domes; to wet them, just press. The extractable bayonet-fit rings enable fast replacement of the sponge domes and easy cleaning of the water reservoir