Ageless Secrets Recorded Program. Only £148 Today with 'Pay in 3' (3 payments).


I'm 54 in March 2024.

Honestly, I feel I’ve never looked better! If I do say so myself 😉😆

We could argue that there’s lighting differences in these photos, and different angles…

BUT lighting and angles aside, I can SEE the trajectory I was on in 2018 📉

I'd gotten distracted and "too busy". 
For a while I stopped embodying what I KNOW really works to rejuvenate face and body.

EVEN THOUGH my methods don't take much time at all. I dropped the ball for a while. And consequently I looked tired ALL the time. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this 2018 photo. It shows how the integration of Ageless Energetics WITH Ageless Strategy is the game changer for rejuvenation. 📈 Aka ageing backwards.

I am super excited about my Ageless Secrets Recorded Program. 

As you might know I don’t EVER have injections or any kind or peels or any in-clinic treatments. 

I don’t buy very expensive creams and my routine is super SIMPLE. 

It has to be. I'm a busy working Mum of three children under eight years. 

I DO use what I know is scientifically proven to work on my skin…

And I DO practise Ageless Energetics ✨

I am LIVING PROOF that my ageless methods work.

If you are ready to start ageing backwards (I'm serious) and are ready for the glow up and power up of your life, you will want to get my Ageless Secrets Recorded Program. 

This is a *recorded* program that you do at your own pace as you have lifetime access.

Specifically, Ageless Secrets Recorded Program. contains all the recordings of my Live Ageless Secrets Mastermind that sold out last year.

The Ageless Secrets Recorded Program. includes... 

E V E R Y T H I N G you could ever need to start ageing backwards and look 10-15 years younger.

My Ageless Secrets work cohesively together to tighten, lift and smooth your face and neck in such a way that you look younger and with more glow than you did 15 years ago.  

I promise you, no one is teaching this, in the way I do!

✅ Half the Program is on Ageless Energetics and the other half is on Ageless Strategy including facial muscle resistance work, skincare, how to's, nutrition etc.

✅ The KEY to looking younger fast is the INTEGRATION of the Ageless energetics AND the Strategy. I share the science with you to back this up!

✅ It includes my facial muscle resistance training {with or without a Tua Tre'nd/Viso}, skincare products, routines, how to's, nutrition, hormones, and super important Ageless Energetics. 

✅ I also teach you HOW to properly use products - this is crucial!

✅ Access to theAgeless Secrets Recorded Program is IMMEDIATE.

✅ 2 videos are unlocked each week for 6 weeks.

✅ Each video is 1.5-2 hours long.

✅ Lifetime access. 

✅ YES, I still LOVE and highly recommend both Tua Viso and Tua Tre'nd. These are tools, one strategy, which are incorporated into my program (inside Ageless Face Method).

✅ 3-Pay payment plan available with PayPal 'Pay in 3'. 

You also get immediate access to my Ageless Face Method, which is my facial resistance training program… you can do it with or without your Tua.

Ageless Secrets Recorded Program has the special price of £444 (inc VAT), which you can spread with 3 instalments.

Pay only £148 today via PayPal ‘Pay in 3’.

If you have a question, please email us at

Tina Richards x 

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