Tua Tre'nd


 Tua Tre'nd face and neck toner. Features a unique wand design which delivers an electrical microcurrent to tighten and tone your facial muscles, which in turn will give them a firmer, tauter and more lifted, youthful look. With its massaging action, it also helps to give the skin a plumper look for a dewy, more radiant complexion.

The Tua Tre’nd is the newer version of the Tua Viso. It tones and firms the muscles of the face and neck. Tua Tre'nd targets the less-used muscle fibres, shortening their length and plumping them up in volume. Thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles, facial sagging and under eye bags. 

Tua Tre'nd benefits:

  • Tones and firms the less-used muscles in the face and the neck|
  • Promotes a more youthful facial shape
  • Increases collagen and elastin production deep in the skin 
  • Plumps up the skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin looks smoother and more even toned
  • Prevents accelerated facial sagging

Tua Tre'nd is the most advanced professional-grade device for home-use from award winning brand Tua.

Tua tre'nd is intelligent: there are five specific programs for treating the five zones of your face - 1. forehead/brow, 2. eye area, 3. upper cheeks/lower cheeks, 4. jowl area, 5. chin/jaw line/neck. 

With Tua Tre'nd each of your five facial zones has its own pre-programmed special microcurrent tailored to the thickness and density of the facial muscle in that zone. This provides the optimal treatment because your cheek muscle for example is very thick compared to the thin muscle of your eye area.

You have to stick with this and be dedicated, however with patience and persistence you will see excellent noticeable results.

  1. 1x Tua Tre'nd device including facial wand (one wand as standard)
  2. 4 x rechargeable batteries (1.2V 750mA AAA type)
  3. Mains adaptor/Battery charger with UK plug
    (Input: AC 240V~50Hz. Output: DC7.5V – 200mA 1.5 VA)
  4. Water Dispenser Bottle
  5. 6 x spare contact sponges
  6. Instruction Handbook
  7. Quick Start Guide
  8. Demonstration DVD
  9. Travel Bag


TUA TRE’ND Face features 5 work programs, each with specific frequencies and times for a specific part of the face. The programs can be quickly selected by means of navigation buttons and displayed by clear icons on the luminous display screen.

The application area of the facial wand is large and much less precision is needed with respect to application on the face and the neck. This makes it easy to find the contact points on your face.

Furthermore, during the contraction you can move the contact sponges of the wand along the program area. This feature is exclusive to Tua Tre’nd – the only device to do this!

Your handbook will show a purple shaded area which can be used as a guide – to slide the sponges along the area as shown.

You can alternate the exercises as you wish for example with the neck and jawline exercises you can alternate these if you do not have time to complete all the exercises in one go.

Acts on the cheek-bone area as far as the area bordering on the ear.
Acts on the cheek, from the corner of the mouth to the jaw.
Acts on the temporal region and the forehead in general.
 Acts on the chin and all around the mandibular arch. The same program is also       used to stimulate the neck muscles.
Acts on the orbicular region and on the bags under the eyes.

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