“My lips were fuller, the little grooves either side of my nose had diminished and the puffy bits under my eyes literally disappeared in a couple of weeks. It only took a couple of days to get used to using Tua Viso and I am such an expert now I can do it with one hand while doing other tasks. I even take it to work sometimes and ‘do it’ in spare moments.

The quality of my skin has improved. It looks tighter and my whole face just looks more defined. I also find it very therapeutic. By the time I finish my ‘work out’ I feel relaxed and comfortable after my stressful job.

I am really so pleased that I bought it and can’t recommend it more highly. My friends and family said it would be a five-minute wonder, but I proved them wrong and now they are all envious of my ‘new’ face. I really can’t think of money better spent.” Lynda Gurley, 53

“I love this product! People regularly guess my age to be 10 and 15 years younger than I am. I had a similar product to Tua Tre'nd – but it would be like comparing a vintage Aston Martin to an old banger – no contest!” Amanda Dickenson, 49

“I’ve used Tua Tre'nd for about 6 months. At first I became obsessed with it because I could see the difference almost immediately. I though if I keep going with this, I’m going to look about 20 in a few weeks!

Initially I did it for 4 or 5 days a week for about 6 weeks. I realised I was quite happy at the 6 weeks stage so I didn’t become as obsessed with it. Now I tend to do it every other day. It’s just so easy you can fit it in any routine.

The biggest benefit for me is that it’s really made me feel confident about myself again. I’m 55 but I think of myself as a young person. Now I feel fantastic about how I look. As a matter of fact, after just a few months I now look 15 years younger than the photo on my passport!

It’s changed my life all together!” Lynne Woodward, 55

 "I am just writing to let you know that I have been using your product Tua Tre'nd for a year now and the results are excellent. People comment on the condition of my skin and also that I look at least ten years younger." Wendy Goring, 52
"Hi, I have really enjoyed using the Tua Viso during the last few weeks and am pleased to say that I noted immediate and considerable improvement in the most difficult problem area that I have been struggling with for years--under eye bags" Shanti Dabi
"I have been using Tua Tre'nd for a few years now ! I can't do without it. The first time I used it I noticed that my nr.11 disappeared after 5 days of usage. I am 70 years old and people say I look 50. I can only tell everyone to give this incredible little device a go and see what a difference it makes to your skin when used regularly. I wouldn't be without it ! 
Tina, 70, Ayelsbury 
"I have used the Tua Trend for two years and found it to be the most effective product for anti ageing. Previously I was having fillers and Botox but found it was costing too much and I wasn't always completely happy with the results. A friend told me about Tua and persuaded me to buy one, I'm so glad I did! I regularly get lovely comments about how well I look and how smooth my skin is. I have always looked after my skin with diet and good skincare but one can't stop the reduction in firmness to the skin, Tua has made a noticeable improvement. I use it at least four times a week but initially everyday for a couple of months. I wouldn't be without my Tua Trend. I'm so pleased I was recommended to buy one." Sharon

What’s so exciting is this... I bought Tua Tre'nd about 6 weeks ago and was quite sceptical at first. I was feeling and looking very tired! I decided to give it a go based on the fact that I could get my money back if I was not happy. However, within a couple of days of using it I noticed a difference.

My skin started to change, it had a healthy glow. The dark circles under my eyes disappeared almost instantly and my face generally looked more toned. My once scrawny neck has thickened up considerably and looks for more youthful.

My eye sockets have opened up and I look far more awake, my mouth is firm and plump.

My mum had a look at me the other day and said ‘you have no lines, that’s amazing!’ It’s so easy to use. I manage the 20-30 minutes a day in short bursts and I reckon that if I can fit it into my routine with 5 children anyone can. I think I would feel really panicked if I didn’t have it now. The results keep getting better and better. Karen Bishop, 56

Sharon Goodyear - B/A 8 weeks Tua Tre'nd



Michelle Bowden - B/A 8 weeks Tua Tre'nd 







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